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Applying to College

This step in the process can be easy, it just needs planning. Once you have determined which schools to apply for admission, work with the admissions counselor to properly determine the best application method. Also, a large amount of schools have free applications. Lastly, there are a couple of websites that allow you to create one application and send it to multiple schools.
  • Always have a back up school. - Multiple college applications create more educational opportunity. Students should apply to at least four colleges, each offering access to curriculum beneficial to the students educational, career, and intellectual pursuits.
  • Proof Read - Almost every college application duals as a application for scholarships offered by the school. Have a friend, parent or teacher, check for mistakes. Not only grammar and English but that you completely answered the essay questions. 
  • Letters of recommendation - Get letters of recommendation from people who have known you for years and see you on a regular basis. A good example of this are Boy/Girl Scout Leaders, Teachers, Pastors, etc.  The better they know you guarantees they will have something worth while to write. Afterwords, make sure you write a thank you note or gift to this person, show your appreciation for them taking time out of their schedule. 
After you have completed all of your applications, forget about it. You know that you have already created a guaranteed backup school. Instead, sit back and relax during your last year of high school. You'll be a lot more excited and happier when you see your acceptance letter. Also, you won't be to stressed out during your last and final year of high school.