The Brewer Foundation
" . . .there are fewer investments more significant than building minds."

Darryl E. Brewer Protege Scholarship

Darryl Brewer Protege Scholarship Award is a result of the students participation in the Protege Program. The Protege Program is a unique opportunity within the Brewer Foundation for high school juniors and seniors. The program leverages various foundation relationships to provide a series of workshops for students and their parents centering on three areas; Academic Development, Professional Development, and Personal Development.

After successful completion, students will receive the following;
  • a Certificate of Merit for completion
  • a $250 Cash Award
  • a membership in a professional organization
  • a federal government standard resume
  • a letter of recommendation for college
  • a letter of reference for employment
  • an official designation as a Brewer Foundation Scholar*.

*Designation provides immediate eligibility for additional Foundation awards and scholarships.