The Brewer Foundation
" . . .there are fewer investments more significant than building minds."

Protege Program

The Protege Program is a mentoring opportunity for high school juniors and seniors that allows them to grow academically, professionally, and personally. Students and parents will take part in various workshops with the intent of learning more about college, life, and themselves.
Each workshop will be guided by one or more corporate partners. Students will participate in lectures, skits, and exercises designed to provide a proper mechanism to distribute valuable information to youth. Parents are encouraged and invited to participate in all of the workshops. The Personal Development workshop will summarize key aspects of the other workshops and is mandatory for parents.

Session 1 - Two Day: Academic Development and College Preparation
Workshop will be guided by a high school counselor that will cover skills needed to develop academically and all the steps needed to properly prepare for college. The student will have the opportunity to receive direct instruction. Day One will be understanding academic preparation; what's needed to graduate from high school,  what are colleges looking for academically, and how to succeed in the classroom. Day two will consist of learning college application techniques, determining a major, and learning about financial aid.

Session 2 - All Day: Professional Development and Career Goals
Workshop will be given by a career government Human Resources Professional that will assist the recipient with developing a proper plan for achieving career goals. The student will be assisted in creating a resume suitable for government employment. Additionally, the student will learn the various ways to apply for government employment and will be assisted in joining various professional organizations,

Session 3 - All Day: Personal Development and Life Skills
The development of essential life skills (college related also), will help you; know and understand life better, live life more consciously and deliberately. The main goal of this workshop is teach students how to attain personal satisfaction and fulfillment.Students will learn how to "Stay out of their own way." This principle is a key factor in keeping your momentum going and has a wide range of application.

At the end of the workshops students will receive The Darryl E. Brewer Protege Scholarship Award.